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    NOTICE: These forums are public and open to all, from highly skilled timber framers to non-timber framers. The forums are not formally monitored by the Guild staff. Therefore, the Guild and its staff make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of the information found in the forums.

    Before relying on technical advice received through the forums, published written reference material should be checked in order to confirm the accuracy of the advice. In searching for a timber framer through the forums, as with hiring any subcontractor or professional from any other source, ask for several recent references (including those of other professionals on past timber framed projects, such as the general contractors) and check all references as to the timber framer's apparent skill, punctuality, safe construction practices, ability to stay within budget and general professionalism, as well as whether the job was completed on schedule, whether errors in the framing were made that needed to be corrected and the reference's overall satisfaction with the completed job.

General Discussion
Forums for general discussion
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Forestry Topics
It's a complicated old world, and some folks think the TFG should have a firm grasp of forest politics and resource management. Since we can mostly agree that we do not, here's a spot that, in conjunction with conferences and Scantlings, may enable us to explore and clarify. Jump in! And just think of the tress we're saving by using this technology.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Who's logging this win...
(Dave Shepard) - 03/30/15 10:52 AM
Why Would You Want To Do This For The Rest Of Your Life?
Created at the behest of the Education Committee. I look forward to a lively dialogue. It's a serious question. Please resist the temptation to demonstrate cleverness in the place of wisdom.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Project
(TIMBEAL) - 04/23/15 08:50 AM
What Can The Guild Do For You?
Created at the behest of the Education Committee. I look forward to a lively dialogue. To paraphrase John Coltrane, we will change or die. Not necessarily in terms of size, but absolutely in terms of mission. Help us think about this.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: ED Announcement 4-2-15
(Jim Rogers) - 04/02/15 09:48 PM
Membership Drive
Tough times! The Guild needs to do everything it can to retain existing members, and recruit new ones. Here's a forum for discussion of ideas that the staff can turn into action.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Presentation questions
(Jim Rogers) - 04/26/14 06:19 PM
What IS a timberframer, anyway?
Philosophical musings from our participants.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Brace Removal
(Hylandwoodcraft) - 09/23/14 09:00 PM
Help Wanted
As a service to Members (and to Members, only) we will be happy to post Help Wanted notices here at no charge. Send your notice to info@tfguild.org, and we'll do the rest.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: owner builder needs ti...
(gofishing) - 05/29/15 03:16 PM
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General Forum Questions (4 viewing)
Using this forum.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
Subforums: General - older posts
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Re: historic hewing questi...
(northern hewer) - 24 minutes 3 seconds ago
Barns and Traditional Timberframing
Traditional Timberframe Research and Advisory Group
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Barn comission conundr...
(timberframe) - 07/19/15 09:58 AM
This Old Building (1 viewing)
"I have this old timber building and I need . . ."
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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1850's Barn Dismantling Vi...
(ArtisanalStruc) - 07/08/15 09:55 AM
Looking For The Perfect TimberFramer
"We are looking for qualified timberframers in . . . . ."
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Journey man timber fra...
(MDTIMBERFRAMER) - 05/26/15 08:19 AM
Straw Bales & Other Enclosure Systems
Jim LeRoy said one time that "a timberframe without panels is like a kiss witout a squeeze". This may be true, but it is also true that among Guild members there is a growing interest in other methods of enclosing our work. Look here for wide-ranging discussion.-Joel
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Wrap and Strap..how it...
(Jon Senior) - 05/15/15 05:05 AM
U.K. Today
Guild activities in the United Kingdom
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Harcourt Arboretum Cru...
(Jim Rogers) - 08/08/13 09:07 AM
Itinerant Traveller Discussion
Covering those seeking them, seeking each other, seeking answers about how it’s done, seeking other related information and such. Seeking the path to the magic forest.
Moderator: Jim Rogers, milton
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Re: Looking to fill my cal...
(Bob Smith) - 06/19/15 11:29 AM
a place to discuss all issues related to Conferences
Moderator: Jim Rogers, Will B
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Anyone camping for the con...
(D L Bahler) - 07/30/14 06:31 PM
Off Topic
In the interests of improving the Forum experience for participants, I have created this Forum area which I intend to moderate with the lightest possible hand. However, off-topic or otherwise inappropriate posts (in my judgement) from other forums will be moved here without notice. Joel McC
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Highschool Project
(Camden) - 04/13/15 06:03 PM
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Timber Engineering
Questions and, we hope, answers
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Using Juniper Timbers?
(Housewright) - 07/18/15 09:57 PM
Timberframe Design (2 viewing)
A huge topic that starts here.
Moderator: Jim Rogers, Paul Freeman
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Re: 6x6 Pergola
(Jay White Cloud) - 04/28/15 04:07 PM
Automation (1 viewing)
The Brave New World of CNC timberframing.
Moderator: Jim Rogers, Paul Freeman
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Re: Will the CNC replace h...
(timberwrestler) - 01/09/15 09:51 AM
Tool Forum
For information and questions regarding timber framing tools, how to use them, how to find them, how to sharpen them, etc. No commerical postings, please. Personal sales ok, of course!
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Chain mortisers for sa...
(Jay White Cloud) - 07/17/15 08:27 PM
Moderator: Jim Rogers, Paul Freeman
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Re: New Timber Framing all...
(Jim Rogers) - 05/04/15 08:13 AM
Axe Throwing
Don't try this at home!Discussions leading up to our competition at the 2006 Western Conference.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Re: Want to build a target
(aastaronline) - 03/10/15 04:06 PM
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Classes and Workshops
A good spot to post events you are hosting.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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SketchUp Pro and LayOut
(bmike) - 08/07/15 02:21 PM
Journeyworkers Forum
Private area for Journeyworkers to use as they see fit. Postings can now include images and even video. Once you respond to a posting, you will be copied on further communications within that thread.
Moderator: Jim Rogers
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Private Thread
Moderator: Jim Rogers, Will B
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Re: Guild Apprenticeship P...
(kakashi) - 12/08/13 03:41 PM
Asian Timberframing and Joinery
Hosted by Chris Hall, this is the place to explore the roots of timberframing that so many find inspirational.
Moderator: Chris Hall, Jim Rogers
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Japanese Tool and Carpentr...
(Chris Hall) - 07/30/15 04:56 PM
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Archive -- Timber engineering
Archive of old posts
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Re: Spruce and Fir Questio...
(Joel McCarty) - 06/01/09 07:20 PM
Archive -- TF design
Archive of old posts
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Re: Concrete siding???
(Roger Brown) - 03/01/02 12:55 PM
Archive -- Barns/misc.
Archive of old posts
20 56
Morrisburg Ontario
(Clark Bremer) - 02/13/02 09:22 AM
Archive --- Barns and traditional TF
Archive of old posts
49 114
Standard construction?
(Anonymous) - 02/28/02 10:01 PM
Archive -- Looking for framers
Archive of old posts
29 50
seeking timberframe partne...
(Anonymous) - 02/06/02 11:18 AM
Archive -- U.K. Today
Archive of old posts
27 99
Re: water proofing joints
(Ken Hume) - 02/25/02 05:30 PM
Archive --- This old building
Archive of old posts
22 84
Re: Hewing....
(Anonymous) - 01/19/02 09:52 PM
Archive --- Automation
Archive of old posts
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Re: Morticers
(Joel McCarty) - 11/18/99 09:37 AM
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