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Re: historic hewing questionnaire northern hewer 01/17/21 12:44 AM
Hello everyone tonite

Thanks for your comment, it seems a lot of folks like this one room school educated old person, you know I am not really saying th at modern education is not good, all I am saying is t hat for sure something seem left out, something that is really important, like my remarks above.
I do enjoy posting and using a computer, and having said t hat, I remember quite well when one was placed I n my office, and you know what really helped me, was that I had taken a commercial course in grade 12 and I knew my key board, I could not believe my highly educated boss using one finger as he struggled to create a memo!!!
I don't like being hard on him, and I don't mean to he was a good person, a good researcher, and taught me how t o look at old photographs, especially in the background to pick out I mportant details
I guess the education system had to omit something to make room for all the new information being created

Sorry for the errors, but it seems the iPad thinks it needs to change some of my grammar

By the way Before I leave, I have some connection with San Diego, my mother came. From there many moons ago, my father as a young man went out to help rebuild San fransico after the earthquake destroyed a good part of it they met and the rest is history

Richard casselman
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Re: Foundation repair before TF addition Phil_Winslow 01/17/21 12:02 AM
Thanks for replying and your advice timberwrestler!!
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Meeting Building codes Woodsende 01/15/21 06:54 PM
I am in the process of permitting a Hammerbeam workshop. I wish to show the framing on both the exterior and the interior (for an old-world look).

However, the county wants shear walls to meet California Building Codes. Does anyone have experience in how to do this without using 2x4 framing and sheathing (as the county wants)?

The engineering package I purchased from Timberframehq does not address lateral forces.

The county also wants a sill plate with bolts embedded in the concrete pad every 6".

Any guidance/help on dealing with local code inspectors who are not familiar with timber framing would be appreciated!

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Re: Structural truss: can one be built to specified timberwrestler 01/08/21 03:24 AM
In short yes to your first question. But very few timber shops do engineering in house. At the same time, it's not really a big deal to outsource the engineering. I would highly recommend going with a specialty timber frame engineer. You can find who is licensed in your state here: The engineer should be taking a more holistic look at the whole building, and more than just the load at the ridge. The process will likely take longer than a stick truss company.

And yes, trusses can either be shipped assembled or disassembled. Factors might include the span, the height, site conditions, weight, etc.
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Re: Scarf Joints Jim Rogers 01/04/21 04:21 PM
You can cut as many scarfs as you need as long as they are in the correct supported locations. I once cut a 56' long plate with 16' timbers so we had to do several scarfs along that side.
There are other style scarf joints that are easier to cut and assemble. Which type depends on the forces on the timber. If it is a tension timber then one type is used. If there is low or no tension in the timber/frame then another can be used.
If it is a tie beam, then most likely there will be tension in the timber holding the two wall together. I would use a stop splayed tabled scarf with under squinted butts and wedges. This is a good joint for tension timbers.
Good luck with your projects
Jim Rogers
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Re: Really? Most recent topic was 2016 Ken Hume 12/27/20 07:03 PM
Hi Richard,

I am still alive and kicking (just). I now have twin grandsons and hope that I live long enough to teach them about the woods and timber-framing.

We are currently working on making a small home office timber frame from one Douglas fir tree milled up on our Woodland Mills mobile saw inside the cruck barn that we built in my woodland in South Oxfordshire.

Checkout our Twitter feed at

Unfortunately Covid19 keeps getting in the way of making progress. Since Boxing day we have been entered yet again into another Lockdown situation to try and keep control of rising hospitalisation and death figures.

A while back I wrote a 16 page article for publication in Timber Framing on how we built the (all hand hewn) cruck framed barn however the TF editors could not be bothered reading, reviewing and commenting on this even though it was them who asked me to produce it in the first place !

I am once again no longer a Guild member.
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