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Back to basics Davit 07/09/20 08:29 PM
Hello all

I just joined this forum and I hope to re nurture my old craft, Joinery. I was an apprentice joiner when I was 13, many moons ago, and learned the craft the old fashioned way in Ireland. But I took on other apprenticeships trades (bricklaying, plumbing, electric/onic, drafting, plastering, welding ....) over my early years, so I became one of those guys on a building site that could tackle/assigned any job, including engineering specs. I ended up as a part-time builder and renovator, involved in many projects. But left the building trade in 2006 just before the housing crash in UK/Ireland, as I was also business consultant/trader.

Now, I wish to get back to my early crafts but this time in Ghana. I founded, The Assin Foundation, and one of my aims is to build a Heritage Park, with all wooden framed buildings and structures. To be able to teach the locals some crafts and also learn from them. However, I am considering building a Heritage Village for Busman's holiday resort.

Anyway, this plan is still in the early days and I have a lot to learn, relearn and I hope to attract some interest and help on my/our project(s) progress. My first task is to rebuild/repair our Heritage Centre's rotten roof.
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Weekend workshop in NC Jim Rogers 06/30/20 06:26 PM
Weekend workshop in NC.
I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be teaching a five day timber frame workshop this fall in western North Carolina. There is room for 8 participants. I hope you can attend.
Dates: November 11-15, 2020
Location: North Wilkesboro, NC
zip code 28659
Instructor: Jim Rogers, of Georgetown, MA
Project: 12’x36’ shed
Cost: $625
Skills to be taught:
Basic mortise and tenon layout and cutting using the square rule system. Including brace pieces and brace pockets. Draw boring peg holes, scarf joint layout and cutting. Fit up testing, and raising principals. How to keep track of joint cutting processes and plan reading.
Daily lunch provided.
$125 deposit saves your spot, with the balance due Oct. 15th. Please let me know if you have questions. Hope to see you!
Contact me via email or private message on this forum for further details.
Jim Rogers
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Re: Timber frame partner Phil_Winslow 06/26/20 02:26 PM
Appreciate it Jay!
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Re: Wooden Foundations Jay White Cloud 06/14/20 12:00 PM
Dear Ken,

Wow..."it's been a minute"...LOL...Since we last exchanged thoughts (?2015?)...Good to read you name and see a question here from you!!!

Now, to you great question!

Ken wrote:
Is there a way to make wooden foundations ?

That is a very exciting question to me, and one that has occupied long hours of thought, research, and now my own "unscientific" examination of this very topic...

Short answer...absolutely yes, and there is a plethora of historic evidence to support such mean in modality. Done properly and in context to known vernacular practices one could expect quite a reasonable lifespan from such an effort.

Ken wrote:
The solution might require the use of very durable or treated wood.

To a degree yes; if the structure is meant or wished to last as long as possible, but with even a species like Aspen/Poplar with minimal traditional treatment it seems roughly one could expect a lifespan from between of 100 and 300 years before an installation like a root cellar that was all wood (there is clay/lime and some stone involved) would require servicing or possible replacement...

Ken wrote:
Is there a simple way to isolate timber from ground damp, fungii and climbing vegetation ?

Fungal attack has always been a primary concern and often what is the final victor, rather than some nesting or eating "wee beasty."

Ground damp (or what some strangely call "rising damp" on your side of the pond...another topic to be sure!) is not a serious issue if just certain traditional protocols are followed.

Climbing vines, per se, are not an issue at all on architecture, and again is the "how" they are allowed to do it, not that they can't be allowed. In general, climbing cultivars can be both aesthetically pleasing and shade to a warmer side of a home and extra insulation as a windscreen on the color if one can get the growing properly there...

Ken wrote:
Does anyone have any pics of potential solutions ?

Please shoot me off an email Ken, as I have a horrid time navigating this forums posting procedures.
Additionally, I am trying to get several books out of my old carcass before I'm "worm dirt" myself...LMAO!!! Additionally all my notes are in context to work pending and links I can more easily share. Plus I can ramble on and fall down "rabbit holes" with you in a private conversation that readers/poster here seem to not care for typically, and the conversations become strained...

Ken wrote:
I have attached a pic of a Roman flint foundation recently excavated in a woodland in South Oxfordshire. This foundation is made from flint stones that have not been mortared together with anything other than earth and yet they have held together and lasted in the ground for over 1700 years. Has technology enabled us to achive similar results using wood ?

Just wood...kind of yes, but this is still considered "transient architecture" and is often found in the "fossorial architectural forms." Athabascan cultures, Mandan people and several other First Nations People like in California and Pacific West had such structures though stone plinth still seem rather ubiquitous to all cultures where such work is practice. Taq, Bhatar, Kath Khuni, are just some examples of architecture that have (or can have) a portion of the architecture below grade. "ALL WOOD" is less common but the Nordic traditions and nomadic tribes of Siberia had what would translate as "larders" (often confused I think with "root cellars" which technically are found within the primary food lader,) or "holds" scattered around ancient trails...

I have more, but you still can't post Kanji/Hangul script on this forum so why bother getting more erudite or academic's just not supported.

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Re: Really? Most recent topic was 2016 Ken Hume 06/13/20 07:13 AM
Hi Firehorse,

I wonder why you choose to hide behind a Nom de Plum ? Are you a Guild member ?

A lot of web forum traffic has now moved over onto other platforms such as Twitter / Facebook / |Instagram. etc. It needs to be recognised that those platforms do not necessarily build a data bank of information like this forum that can easily be searched & querried. Have you tried to do that yet ? or are you seeking instant gratification from the likes of Instagram pictures ? There is no harm in that approach especially if a person is dyslexic. This forum really could do with an easy way to post pics.

I suspect that a lot of the TFG diehards are just taking a rest in between felling trees / hewing / building and publishing having grown tired of forum back bighting where little control can be excercised by self with the poster instead being entirely reliant on moderators who might or might not agree with their or others point of view.

Some of us work away quietly trying to generate opportunities (learning / projects / work) for self and others. (See )

If you have something to say or a question to ask then just say it and hopefully this will prompt someone to post an informed answer.
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