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Cant hook hardware

Posted By: gkautzer

Cant hook hardware - 02/22/02 12:52 AM

Does anyone know of a supplier for small quantities the metal parts for cant hooks and peaveys? I have several which I would like to recondition/repair. I make my own handles. Baileys can't get metal parts and Dixie won't sell them in small quantities. I will certainly appreciate any help you can offer.
Posted By: Will Truax

Re: Cant hook hardware - 02/23/02 09:57 PM

I don't know that they still exist, but geography is on your side, one of my best cant hooks was manufactured be Leach Co. of Osh Kosh.

I'm guessin you should look for an antique dealer who flirts with the junk side of the trade and pick up some more handle hungry pieces for parts.
Posted By: gkautzer

Re: Cant hook hardware - 02/24/02 01:25 PM

Will, thanks for your response. I checked out Leach and they are still in business. However they quit making logging equipment many years ago and now manufacture garbage trucks. I have been searching the antique vendors for years and have had little luck turning up the parts I am looking for. I will keep on looking at farm sales and antique shops.
Posted By: John Milburn

Re: Cant hook hardware - 02/28/02 02:12 AM

gkoutzer, What parts are you looking for? John.
Posted By: gkautzer

Re: Cant hook hardware - 03/01/02 12:52 AM

John, thanks for your interest. I am looking for clasps and toes. I have plenty of hooks. I just discovered a company called CSP Outdoors in Shreveport, LA that does market these parts and I placed an order with them. Do you have some for sale?
Posted By: John Milburn

Re: Cant hook hardware - 03/01/02 02:41 AM

qkautzer, Sorry about the misspell. No, I don't have any parts, but I have run across a few peaveys/cant hooks in antique shops and flea markets while looking for T/F tools. Let me know the address of csp outdoors because I also enjoy bringing an old tool back to life. John
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