Hessman truss

Posted by: Anonymous

Hessman truss - 01/20/02 06:26 PM

Am constructing a timber framed addition to connect house to screened pool. Would like to have end of addition free of center post and connecting beam (outside wall to outside wall). Size is 16'long by 30'wide (span).Can I use a Hessman truss to keep the end of the room free of posts and beams ?
Posted by: Rudy R Christian

Re: Hessman truss - 02/16/02 02:06 AM

I would suggest looking into using queenpost trusses supporting a common rafter/ principle purlin roof system. That system does a nice job of resolving thrust at the eaves. You will still need to resolve lateral (wind) loading, but the continous bottom chord of that truss is also pretty "brace friendly".