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Looking for saw

Posted By: MTF

Looking for saw - 03/06/03 04:45 PM

I posted this question in the member's only area, but have not received any response and thought I try here. I'd like to buy a 13" saw. I have the 16" and 10" Makita and would like to try the 13" Hitachi saw. Anyone have a source for this saw? Timberwolf tools carried it for a short time last year but no longer has it available. Thanks, MTF
Posted By: Stan Debick

Re: Looking for saw - 07/11/03 06:04 PM

I don't have source, but if you plan to use 13" blades you may have trouble finding them. I have a 13" Makita that is the perfect size for cutting tenons, etc, but I cannot find a 13" carbide blade for it anywhere. You may want to look around before you puchase the saw. Currently, I am using a 12" blade on it and it works great but I lose over a 1/2" of cutting depth.

I believe that I saw either the Hitachi or Makita for sale on the web from a seller in New Zealand, but that wouldn't be of much use to you because of the voltage difference between power in the US and NZ.
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