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Looking for an Industrial Table saw

Posted By: Pete

Looking for an Industrial Table saw - 11/12/03 12:57 AM

If anyone has or knows of someone who has a 14" or 16" table saw in good working order that needs a new home, let me know. I'm in the market for a new saw. I've searched the web quite extensively and figured I'd try here as well. Thanks if you can help.
Posted By: Tea House

Re: Looking for an Industrial Table saw - 11/16/03 06:40 PM

Try Rudolf Bass Co 175 Lafayette St NYC 10013 ph (212) 226 4000. They have a huge warehouse full of a great selection of industral machinery that I have seen in years past on several shopping visits (incl. many top quality, old American made machines that are heavy, solid, powerful and accurate).I bought a new Delta Unisaw from them over 20yrs ago. I also have 2 machines from 1930s WPA projects, a 20" Davis and Wells(Los Angeles) bandsaw and a 12" Fay & Egan(Cincinatti, Ohio) jointer. Both are solid and seem to have no end in sight. D&W are no longer made in USA, the co. name was sold to a Taiwanese co. ( of I am told, much inferior quality) for disturbing and saddening reasons. Orig. parts, advice and service are still available from an expert mechanic near LA, and he travels. The F&E I'm not sure of, cause I've never needed parts except for motor capacitors which I got from WW Grainger.
Posted By: Tea House

Re: Looking for an Industrial Table saw - 11/16/03 06:52 PM

Hey 2 Dog Pete, Rudolf Bass fax # is (201) 433 6853. You could try the magazine Eastern Woodshop News classified ads. listed state by state. Be prepared to do some NY style bargaining to get your best deal. Good luck. Tea House aka Many Dog Steve
Posted By: Gabel

Re: Looking for an Industrial Table saw - 11/19/03 12:26 AM

2 Dog Pete,

This might not help you, but I just bought a 5 horse 3 phase oliver 16" table saw from a county surplus auction (I don't know if counties do that out West). The county had gotten it from the air force and it was rarely used by either. I paid $200 for it. (Right place, right time)

Good Luck, and I'll keep my eye out for another

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