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Chop saw conversion

Posted By: Shaun Garvey

Chop saw conversion - 11/17/03 06:33 PM

Hey all,

Just thought I would share my new invention:

I just successfully converted my old 10" chop saw into a hand held "Timber Saw". Took it off the base and had the machine shop I have access to machine a base of 1/8" aluminum plate. Attached a handle thru the pivot casting made of a long 1/2" carriage bolt. That's it and it works great. It has a full 4" depth cut which will get you thru your standard 7x7 and 8x8 with two passes.

The base plate is easily made to be adjustable for variable depth cutting by attaching it to the original pivot casting on your saw. This is working well for cutting out tenons.

Why did I do this?

I happen to have an old chop saw available after buying a new one.

I 16 5/16" Makita, aside from being big bucks even used only as a 6 3/16" depth cut, so two passes are still required for a 7x7. If I've gotta make two passes anyway, I may as well do it the less expensive way....

I considered buying a milwaukee 10 1/8" but it's depth cut is only 3 13/16", so after spending all that money, two cuts plus a little with a hand saw are still needed to get thru a 8x8).

10" blades are much more common and cheaper than 10 1/4".

Granted it's not gonna be so good for your 10x10's and up, but if your not doing a lot of bigger timber, not in the business and making money off your investment, it sure beats the price of those big saws.

Posted By: Mark L Surnoskie

Re: Chop saw conversion - 11/26/03 03:56 PM

Interesting idea, but probably voids the warrantee! Does the blade guard still function? Safety First!
Posted By: Shaun Garvey

Re: Chop saw conversion - 12/01/03 02:09 PM

The warrantee was long gone on this older craftsman anyway.... I wouldn't suggest doing it with a new one unless you really see the benfit over spending the bucks on a big timber saw.

The blade guard is intact, it does not pivot automatically, as the pivot arm was attached to the base. It works more like a regular skil saw now; the guard is pushed up by the wood itself.
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