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SwissPro KSF-402 Chain Slotter

Posted By: goldbranch

SwissPro KSF-402 Chain Slotter - 10/18/19 03:15 AM

Hi, I have a SwissPro KSF-402 chain slotter with an 8mm bar and two 8mm chains-one freshly sharpened. I used this for one job and it was fantastic. I was letting in 1/4" knife plates into 6x material and glulam beams. I have no further use for the tool and would like to sell it. Original cost was $5,489. Selling for $3,650. Photos on request.
Aloha from Hawaii!!
Posted By: lignarius

Re: SwissPro KSF-402 Chain Slotter - 08/19/20 02:58 AM

Still for sale? I’ve got the same knife plate project.

Shawn H.
Posted By: goldbranch

Re: SwissPro KSF-402 Chain Slotter - 05/21/21 10:50 PM

It's a long time since I signed on. I still have the tool in question. Never knew anyone was interested in it or that the thread was still alive.
Posted By: ianvan

Re: SwissPro KSF-402 Chain Slotter - 11/19/21 01:19 AM

I’d be interested

Feel free to shoot me an email if it’s still available
Posted By: goldbranch

Re: SwissPro KSF-402 Chain Slotter - 12/30/21 09:21 PM

I still have this tool, but I have missed another interested person. I have now updated my profile to show my email address. Hopefully, next time I'll get notified that there is someone interested.
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