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SU cutting openings

Posted By: timberwrestler

SU cutting openings - 12/20/10 11:35 PM

I don't think I've ever had a problem with this before, but I can not get any Sketchup components to cut an opening in a wall. I started out building my own simple windows and trying to get them to cut into a wall with thickness. That wouldn't work with components within components, changing the cutting plane around or anything.

So I tried just drawing a rectangle, making a simple rectangle cutting component, and even that won't cut. I have the fill on the component deleted, I have the right boxes checked. Any advise from the SU gurus?

Posted By: bmike

Re: SU cutting openings - 12/21/10 02:35 AM

Can you send me the file?
Posted By: timberwrestler

Re: SU cutting openings - 12/21/10 03:24 AM

Yup, it's in the mail. Probably something simple. Oh and I just upgraded to SU8 Pro. Thanks.
Posted By: bmike

Re: SU cutting openings - 12/21/10 01:12 PM

Brad - You need to insert your cutting block inside of the group or component you are trying to cut into.

Cutting components only operate on faces, not groups or components.

Edit the rectangle / wall group (or component) - then drag the cut component onto the screen.

Working fine with 'cut2' in your model.

'cut1' doesn't appear to have the axis oriented correctly, so it is coming in perpendicular to the wall face.
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