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Plinths Under Posts

Posted By: Joe Wood

Plinths Under Posts - 03/25/18 07:34 PM

Folks, I could use some design help for plinths under some 6x8 posts. Iím shipping one of my azumaya kits out to Pa. Actually, Ĺ of a azumaya which will go on the front of a Ichiban restaurant to act as an entryway. This one will be a lot higher then my normal azumaya are, and the posts and whole facade look too tall to me. Having the posts set up on plinths (not sure if thatís the right term) would bring the scale down, and they would also protect the soft wr cedar posts from getting banged up by people and keep them up off the snow and damp.

Hereís a photo of the same whole 10x10í draped roof azumaya, and an image of the design. Iíve never designed, much less built stone or masonry plinths. I just show basic 11x13Ē masonry plinths at 38Ē tall.

Would anyone have any suggestions on how to make these look better for this type Asian style structure?

Posted By: Jay White Cloud

Re: Plinths Under Posts - 03/25/18 11:37 PM

Originally Posted By: Joe Wood
...I could use some design help for plinths under some 6x8 posts...
Hi Joe,

Boy its been what, .over a year since we exchanged emails on the topic of "horizontal bracing systems? Good to see your still in the game and going strong with building!

I'll post some stuff below. Hope you can put it to good use. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to go into more details...

We (i.e. the Company I work with almost exclusively now... New World Barn Company) build exclusively off stone plinth. We don't do otherwise unless someone just doesn't like stone or doesn't want to use it on a project...

The Menomonie Farmers Market Pavilion (we've been told) is the largest commercial/public structure built and resting on a stone plinth foundation built in the last 100 years here in North America without any concrete being part of the structural foundation. They did end up (icky!!!) pouring concrete all around it instead of using the stone pavers they planed too...

Here is some other links on Jointed Stone and Stone Plinth to perhaps give you additional ideas...

Good luck with everything...Hope this was of some help?


Posted By: Joe Wood

Re: Plinths Under Posts - 03/26/18 01:37 PM

Yeah that structure for the Chinese man never happened, his interpreter told me privately that he was a crook so I ran away from it as fast as I could :-)

Jay, it's the carpenters out there in Pa. who will be doing this plinth work and I doubt they'll be able to do the stone work just like I could do the carpentry part but not the stone work. I was hoping for advice more about the scale and style of the plinth built with masonry.
Posted By: Jay White Cloud

Re: Plinths Under Posts - 03/26/18 02:04 PM

Hi Joe,

Yes I've dealt with similar circumstances fairly often...Feel free to share my contact into with them, if you wish. Its not that hard to do, even for inexperience General Contractors to "cap" there concrete footings with real stone and meet local building code requirements. Its becoming more and more common to employ real stone this way.

Being here in the East, they could just use granite 8"x8"x8' post and set those into their intended excavation.

The other options is a split natural erratic and cap the 8" concrete tube footing with these. They can either "scribe to stone" or shoot laser layout and make flat. Its less than a 3 hour for the "live edge" and 1 hour for the flattening for your sized building...

There are several "stone plinth" solutions to this challenge...

Let me know?

Posted By: Joe Wood

Re: Plinths Under Posts - 03/27/18 01:44 PM

Would you have any examples you could show me Jay?
Posted By: Jay White Cloud

Re: Plinths Under Posts - 03/27/18 06:46 PM

I'm sending you an email...
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