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Cruck frame complete

Posted By: Will B

Cruck frame complete - 05/08/18 01:18 PM

Here's a photo of the cruck frame we raised on Friday; the first one we've done with curved cruck braces besides the already curved cruck blades and tie beams. We hope to do another next year at Heartwood.
Two of the cruck blades had their curve ripped with a chain saw jig (the others were hewn), and the offcuts were wide enough to get curved braces for the walls, too. It was nice to be able to use what would otherwise be waste.
This frame will be a porte cochère with the sills raised on 3' stone walls.

Posted By: Jim Rogers

Re: Cruck frame complete - 05/08/18 05:42 PM

Thanks for sharing the photo.

Jim Rogers
Posted By: Jay White Cloud

Re: Cruck frame complete - 05/08/18 06:55 PM

Awesome Will...!!!

I saved that to my Pinterest board for Cruck Frames. It's linked back to the school...

Thanks for sharing the project details. Can't wait to see the final installation with the stone and architecture behind, if you are able to share that?


Posted By: Will B

Re: Cruck frame complete - 05/09/18 12:15 PM

Thanks, J.
Will post the photos when available, probably in the fall.
Another interesting detail, see below:
The rear cruck needed to be spread at the peak in order to meet and support the purlins without using spurs. Since the blades didn't meet at the peak (like the front pair) they were joined by a saddle, a horizontal piece that the tops of the blades tenoned into. There was some discussion whether to call this piece a yoke or a saddle, with the conclusion (still debateable?) that a yoke ties the top of the crucks together (like a collar) but the blades continue up to the apex, or supports a ridge, and a saddle "rides" on top of the terminated crucks:
Posted By: Jay White Cloud

Re: Cruck frame complete - 05/09/18 06:32 PM

I agree...and lean toward "saddle" being the more germane vernacular...

"Yokes" in my experience and their translation from other wood culture European and Asian would suggest that it is "let in" often and/or bridals something into place (as in an animal or human yoke.)

Also, as you rightly point out. "Yoking members" usually have the intersecting members running past them and not acting as a terminus member...which a "Saddle" very often is...

I look forward to your next posting here and the imagen last night was saved several times already, pushing board hits to 111K this month already...

This folk style of frame is both elegant and charming like few others and becoming more and more popular as our craft surges forward in popularity...Perhaps enough for two courses next year?


Posted By: Will B

Re: Cruck frame complete - 05/10/18 12:10 PM

At least one cruck course next year, I expect. We need to find a client first as we rarely schedule any Heartwood course until we have one.
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