ED Announcement 4-2-15

Posted by: Jim Rogers

ED Announcement 4-2-15 - 04/03/15 01:47 AM

ED Announcement Copy of announcement released today 4/2/15

"On behalf of the board of directors of the Timber Framers Guild I am very happy to announce that Jeff Arvin has been selected as the Guild’s new Executive Director. Response to the job posting was substantial, and we feel fortunate to have had such a strong group of applicants. We are delighted and confident that Jeff’s experience, intelligence, knowledge, talents, skills, and enthusiasm will make him a great match for the Guild.

Raised in Indiana, and a teacher before becoming a timber framer, Jeff came to Riverbend Timber Framing in the early ‘80’s, working first in the timber shop, and then as manager and head instructor of the workshop program. At the time there weren’t many other places offering timber framing classes or workshops, so Jeff traveled the country teaching folks how to cut and raise a timber frame on site while also making sure the frame was completed on time and on budget! I had the personal pleasure of getting to work with him almost daily then. It was a real treat.

He then moved to the northwest to start and run Cascade Joinery in Bellingham, Wash., for 20 years. An early member of the Guild board of directors, he served as president for two years. He was a founding father of the business council and the first TFBC board chair. He has been involved in almost all aspects of both timber framing and the Guild, from the cutting and raising, to the design, sales and marketing side of timber framing, to overseeing the business and financial management that comes with owning a business. This wealth of experience will be invaluable as he begins to steer the Guild toward the future and make the next 30 years as remarkable as the first 30 have been.

Jeff’s first day on the job is Monday, April 6th.
Please join us in welcoming Jeff Arvin as the next Guild Executive Director!!"

By Brenda Baker
Acting Executive Director

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Posted by: Jim Rogers

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Welcome Jeff.
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Belated welcome to Jeff! I wish you success.