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Presentation questions

Posted By: Jim Rogers

Presentation questions - 04/26/14 04:56 PM

I've been asked to give a presentation at a meeting of a woodworkers guild here in MA.
I am planning on showing them my timber frame model and discussing timber framing in general.

I have invited Ellen Gibson to accompany me. We intend to bring some copies of Timber Framing, and other literature.

The task I need help with, and the deadline is that I need it by Friday May 9th, 2014; is "Reasons why you should join the TFG."

I have my reason, which was to learn the craft of timber framing. But that' is about all I have.
I feel I need more.
Normally when you're trying to "sell" something you list the "FAB". Features, Advantages, and Benefits of the product. What do you feel are the Features of being a member?
What do you feel is an Advantage of being a member?
What do you see at the Benefits of being a member?

I think getting the magazine "Timber Framing" is a Benefit. As well as "Scantlings".

But I would like some more information.

Yesterday, I asked a member "why did you join the guild?" He explained his situation when he was trying to learn about timber framing. And how he searched online and found the guild. Then, he attended a "project/workshop" being held nearby him, and learned the basics from the guild members there.

He also, mentioned that he liked being in the "community" of like minded people. That is people who will volunteer to get together to help others with building "projects".

He added that he likes the fact that the guild has large challenging projects like pavilions with hip roofs and bridges that require expert instructions and expert timber framer experience. And that these projects challenge the experts with many years of experience in timber framing. But he also wanted to make the point that we do have a lot of new comers always entering into the group, who may have very little experience and who can be totally overwhelmed by these large challenging projects. And that we need to have some very basic and simple "beginner" projects as well.

So, that is where I'm at and I hope that some of you can list some FAB's and we can develop this into a presentation we can share with others. And by that I mean we can create this presentation and share it with others timber framers who can use it to do a presentation to other groups (woodworking or not) that are involved with/in around different parts of this country and other countries as well.

Jim Rogers

PS. If you don't feel like posting your thoughts here, you can just send me an email. Thanks to all for any advice and help you can give me.
Posted By: Roger Nair

Re: Presentation questions - 04/26/14 09:39 PM

Vita brevis,
ars longa,
occasio praeceps,
experimentum periculosum,
iudicium difficile.

Life is short,
and art long,
opportunity fleeting,
experience perilous,
and decision difficult.

For those who feel compelled toward TF, where else to turn to? I admire those that can go it alone, but I realize that learning from others can open the options. Is the guild the right organization to invest into? I suggest a bit of biblical advice. How do you judge the quality of a vine? Examine the fruit. As the guild is closing in on thirty years, a long view appraisal provokes awe, in my case. Out of the guild, a publication history, a public service record, a generation of teaching and the spawning TFEC, TTRAG and TFBC. The accumulation in all the various facets would individually establish the guilds worthiness, together the guild stands as unique and precious. The single best purchase could be the Timber Framing DVD set, the root of all the various books.

Bottom line, the guild is worthy of anybodies support, regardless of personal interest.
Posted By: Jim Rogers

Re: Presentation questions - 04/26/14 10:19 PM

Thanks for your comments.
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