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Whitman IS the best

Posted By: Cecile en Don Wa

Whitman IS the best - 09/09/11 02:50 PM

For those with the time and or inclination Song of the Broadaxe by Walt Whitman.


Don Wagstaff
Posted By: Stuart

Re: Whitman IS the best - 05/05/12 09:10 PM

Is there a tune that goes with the words?

Any internet recordings?

Seems like quite a ballad.
Posted By: Roger W Nair

Re: Whitman IS the best - 05/07/12 12:12 AM

Around 69 or 70 I saw Allen Ginsberg singing William Blake and playing a harmonium, I would be suprised if Ginsberg hadn't attempted Whitman in song.
Posted By: D Wagstaff

Re: Whitman IS the best - 05/07/12 01:53 PM

And I've got the good recording here of that one Roger.
Posted By: Thomas Wilson

Re: Whitman IS the best - 05/09/12 01:41 PM

I'd like to hear Led Zeppelin give it a whack, kind of like the Immigrant Song.
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