I might have the opportunity to take down a barn that is the perfect size for my new home: 24'x38' two full stories. I have two questions. 1. Before I approach the owner with a proposal, I would like to know what type of agreements others have worked out in the past. (The owner wants the barn demolished to make way for a new building.) I was going to offer 1 dollar and all the labor to put the parts that are not salvagable into dumpsters. The owner would pay for the dumpsters.
2. What is the easiest way to remove the roof? The rafters are spiked to the plates and to each other at the peak. The plates have been cabled together. No ties or collars on the rafters. The roof sheathing looks fair but I doubt it will survive removal. I would only like to have to pay for a crane on one day for dismantling the frame.
Additional info: Sills and some of the second floor joists are hewn oak. Remainder of frame is sawn timbers, 6X6 typ. w/ 2x6 studs. Rafters 2X6. Massive stones in foundation. It looks as though this barn was rebuilt on an earlier floor and foundation with some of the earlier barn members used as loft joists.