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#12462 - 08/04/07 12:30 AM PLEASE SHARE! What do you want at a conference?
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This seems like great opportunity for people to share what they would like to see at conferences. What talks do people want to see and hear?

#12466 - 08/04/07 03:09 AM Re: PLEASE SHARE! What do you want at a conference? [Re: LauraV]
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Hi Laura,

I would like to see and hear things about which I have no previous knowledge or experience.

I would especially like to hear critical observations made and conclusions drawn by people that arise from the examination of old frames and past practices and better still how this might be applied in an appropriate way within a present day context to enable the production of buildings that are recogniseable, creditworthy and likely to pass the test of time.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to attend a conference and so it would be advantageous to make conference proceedings available for purchase by one and all.

It is important that the small guy and new entrant should be well represented in the proceedings and that he or she should not feel overawed or disempowered by the now well versed and polished timber framing "old guard".

People need to be able to stand, be heard and even be allowed to make mistakes. Experience is gained through being allowed to make mistakes and then correcting or refining same. The wealth of experience assembled at TFG conference is quite awesome and so it would likely prove useful to develop a "facilitated" presentation or class where rookies can introduce their ideas and projects to the audience but in a careful and controlled fashion such that confidence is not dented. A huge body of experience and wealth of knowledge is gathered at conferences and oft times this simply goes untapped.

I heard a song on the radio yesterday in which a girl sang completely unaccompanied by musical instruments or fancy arrangements. The beauty of her words and the clarity of her voice was the only thing conveying the message and this was very powerfull and quite moving. It doesn't need to be complicated, sophisticated or expensive to hit the mark - "tis a gift to be simple".


Ken Hume
Looking back to see the way ahead !

#12474 - 08/04/07 12:57 PM Re: PLEASE SHARE! What do you want at a conference [Re: Ken Hume]
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Firstly, I have only been to one and had a great time meeting people and learning tons in the process.

I don't know if the conferences already touch this subject but I think it would be beneficial to look at certain projects and study, question and talk about the built projects from the infancy to completion. Enlighten others about the setbacks and accomplishments, how subs if any were involved in the project and how they were beneficial or detrimental, in short what was learned. All for the goal of helping others recognize different aspects of the project that would not have been known unless they were there or someone shares and hopefully helping to promote good building.


#12880 - 09/19/07 09:19 PM Re: PLEASE SHARE! What do you want at a conference [Re: ]
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Hi everyone:

I am very dissapointed that I couldn't make the Montebello Conference but that is the way it goes sometimes.

I made a presentation a few years back at Montebello and I had a vision of trying to give to the participants knowledge that I had acquired through my career in the restoration services at UCV.
It became apparent to me as I worked my way along life's path that I was very fortunate to be able to examine and reproduce historic structures, in the process paying very close attention to details and construction techniques that the builders of yesteryear used in their everyday application of their
Building a simple building like a barn without very little interior finish, usually would require only timberframing skills, but for a home we had to examine such things as sash, plaster, stonework, chimneys, fireplace and oven combinations, stairs, interior trim, abd the list goes on.
With something like a mill it would include the installation of very technical equipment, and the timberframe had to reflect the installation to come.
I belive that a presenter should have a very wide spectrum of knowledge base, and I believe that most participants no matter their level of experience needs to feel that their knowledge base has been expanded somewhat after listening and experiencing the presentation. Question should be answered professionally, and not everyone knows everything, a presentor shold also learn from those in attendance.
I learn everyday from listening to the very knowledgeable people who come and go and post on this TTRAG chat site.

I hope that eveyone enjoyed their Eastern Conference experience



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