We survey vernacular timber-framed buildings in Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, England and would welcome enthusiastic persons to join our recording teams engaged in this important work.

As of February 2009 we have a recording backlog of 2 crucks, 3 jetties (1 side & 2 end), 2 water mills, 1 box frame and an aisled barn to record in Olde Berkshire. Some of these buildings are over 600 years old and so they provide an important opportunity to develop first hand experience in seeing, touching and understanding the methods employed to construct our ancient built heritage.

TFG members planning a trip to England are very welcome to join our teams provided they can advise their travel plans well ahead of arrival in England.

UK Carpenters Fellowship members, Zimmermen, Compagnons, Building Conservation students and carpentry apprentices are particularly welcome. You will be able to learn or enhance experience gained to date by working alongside our team leaders many of whom are qualified Masters in Timber Building Conservation.

We have an early 17th century 2 bay timber framed granary in North Hampshire that is an ideal teaching aid for beginners to learn how to record old buildings.

Please join us and help make a valuable contribution to our evidence based knowledge of past building practice.

In the first instance please contact me by PM email.

Best Regards

Ken Hume

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