Last weekend we hosted a visit for apprentices from Les Compagnons du Devoir to see our late 16th century timber framed granary here in Bramley, North Hampshire.

Apprentices from Les Compagnons du Devoir

The party was split into two groups and whilst one group headed off to see the nearby Grade I listed 13th century crown post roof church at Hartley Wespall -

St. Mary's Church Hartley Wespall

the other group made a close study of the carpentry and timber frame construction techniques inside the granary.

Over lunch in the nearby cricket pavillion the apprentices were able to see a 3D computer visualisation timeline by Hume & Son demonstrating the historical development of the granary.

In the afternoon the groups switched experiences.

In a previous incarnation the granary was a simple 2 bay timber framed cottage which is known to have been moved at least twice, whilst the church is thought to have been a rather grand 3 bay high status West Country hall that was taken apart and shipped to Hartley Wespall for use as a church. It was thus possible to both draw both contrasts and demonstrate similarities between these historic buildings.

The main purpose of this event was to invest time and demonstrate interest in the youth of today so that in due course they might carry the torch and cast more light on our ill documented past.

I had quite forgotton just how charged young people are with hormones and also the short attention span they exhibit especially whilst awaiting their next food fix however this is more than counter balanced by a sharpness of mind and the ability to very quickly arive at logical outcomes.

By the end of the day we were all worn to a frazzle but the Avantages supervisor - Nadine provided a welcome recovery tonic in the form of a botle of the finest French Champagne (plus more food for the apprentices).

Was it worth it - you bet !

Would we do it again - certainment !


Ken & Janet, James & Valerie, Herbert,

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Looking back to see the way ahead !