This video was shared over at the forestry forum some time ago. I've followed this project since it began, I know Jakob and we have has some correspondence. Our relationship was born of our similar interests -first axes and later carpentry. He's a brilliant carpenter, as this video illustrates.

Anyway, on the topic of effective enclosure system, this video demonstrates something along the lines of how I'd like to eventually be able to build homes. I am especially in love with the sort of design where there is a wood infill and a portion of the structure protrudes into the living space, but only 1 or 2 inches. This is attractive, and not nearly so intrusive as having the entire timber frame inside of a curtain wall. I fell in love with this concept years ago in Switzerland.

I find his procedure of wrapping the entire structure in a natural insulating envelope to be particularly interesting. It's almost the opposite approach to how I would approach a log or log infill building style, but I can hardly argue with his results.
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