Selling my old Boss. As you can see, I replaced the old rotten seat with a cheeseboard style walnut and maple. All surfaces that make contact with a rotating fastener have brass bushing washers. Has been sand blasted to remove all rust, then repainted with rust inhibiting primer and black enamel paint. Handles are both still very nice. Everything works. The only thing missing is the depth stop. Back when I had the inclination I was going to take a very small brass block, chamfer the edges, put a kerf in it, and thread in a brass square head bolt to make a beautiful little brass depth stop. Still would be an easy and fast project for somebody. Would make a great daily use rig if you're feeling nostalgic (or poor?) or a great showpiece to throw on the wall of your shop. Whatever gets yer' motor runnin!

How's 500 bucks plus shipping sound? If that sounds crazy make me an offer. I can do paypal, venmo, check through snail mail, whatever works for you. If you have questions, call or text me

Pictures here!