Heartwood's 2020 course schedule, for details see www.heartwoodschool.com:

Four Week Course:
June 9–July 2: Timber Framing Intensive
This 4–week course combines the curriculum in our one-week Timber Framing course with the Basics of Building, Timber Frame Design & Joinery Decisions, Scribing and Roof Framing.

One week Courses:
May 3–7: Cruck Framing, with Jack Sobon, Neil Godden and Will Beemer
May 18–22: Complex Roof Framing
July 13–17: Raising & Rigging
July 20–24: Converting Trees to Timber
July 27–31: Timber Framing
August 3–7: Scribed Timber Framing: Using Natural Forms
August 17–21: Basics of Building
August 24–28: Timber Framing

Three–day courses:
May 13–15: Timber Frame Design & Joinery Decisions
May 26–28: Intro to SketchUp

Two–day courses:
May 29–30: Advanced SketchUp Pro: Layout
May 29–30: Concrete Countertops
August 19–20: Build an Earthen Bake Oven