Hello I have a 30' x60' 1860's dissembled timber frame house that I tagged and placed in shipping containers in Northern NH in 1999. The frame has been kept dry, but due to life changes, I will not be able to rebuild this frame. I would like to offer this unique frame to someone who would like to take on this project.
The style of the house uses 2 1/4" vertical planks that are doweled together and was nailed into a rabbited sill and top plate. There are 5 bents of beams & rafters which span the width of 30'. Due to this semi modular system, the house could be reduced by lengths of 12' sections.
The frame & wood is mostly in good condition, however it will need all new sills, and 10 or so new planks. The is a few half round joists that need to be replaced due to cutting from a old heating system, and 1 of the tybeams needs a repair due to a leak.

If you have any interest in this frame or know someone who is looking please contact me.
Frame is located near North Conway, NH..
Currently stored in a 40' and 20' container.

Thanks for advice on this. Willing to answer your questions.
Jay 603-205-0949 jamesbealnh@gmail