Dear Members,
I hope this a post is in the right place. Arron Sturgis owner of Preservation TimberFraming Berwick, ME. and member of the TimberFrame Guild for more then 35 years was struck by tragedy due to a lightning strike on Monday July 13th. Arron salvaged a 1725 English Frame barn in 1998 and in 2000 repaired and rebuilt to create a home, business office, wood shop and tool storage.
A direct hit by lightning caused the building to go up in flames, and due to the hefty construction, it took 7.5 hrs to get under control with 4 fire departments. The building and all contents were a complete loss. A 1000 book library on historic timber frame techniques was amongst the many things destroyed.

Both Arron & His wife Michelle were not at home at the time, but along with all of their possesions, 4 family cats were lost.

Arron has spent most of his life saving, restoring and preserving New England Meeting houses, churches, Barns and older timber frame homes abiding to the strictest methods to preserve and keep the integrity of these buildings.

Here is a link to a Fund set up by his son.