Welcome to our community.

Membership in the Timber Framers Guild (TFG) is open to any individual or business interested in timber framing. Our members include timber framers, entrepreneurs, students, engineers, architects, designers, business owners, timber purveyors, tool suppliers, teachers, historians, preservationists, sustainable builders, industry suppliers, owners, hobbyists, and aficionados.

Members join the Guild connect with individuals who are passionate about timber framing, learn more about timber framing, take part in community building projects, educate others, and invest in the work of the Timber Framers Guild. In addition, by joining a Guild Council, you can pursue your specific interests in the community. Our Councils include the Timber Frame Engineering Council, Traditional Timber Framing Advisory Group, and TFG Companies.

Non-members are freely able to participate in many programs and initiatives (such as this Forum). Formal membership is $140/year for an individual, and members are eligible for an array of financial and social benefits: www.tfguild.org.