There will be a workshop on Barn Assessment and Prioritization on Saturday, June 5th, 9:30 AM, at the Roeper farm in Lyndeborough, NH.

The barn at the center of this project is an 1852 knave-post timber framed barn containing both original hand-hewn timbers and salvaged timbers from an earlier frame. The 40x80’ bank barn is part of an attached farmhouse complex measuring 237’ end-to-end which includes a 1750 cape and an 1870 farmhouse. This barn will be fully documented and disassembled this July so that a full restoration may be done in the coming years. Due to the varied quality of work that has been done to it over the years, as well as recent foundation and drainage work, this barn provides an excellent educational opportunity for understanding some of the things that happen to old buildings.

This workshop will examine an existing structure from foundation to roof and will cover a number areas, including:

*Condition Assessment – What IS bad and what just LOOKS bad. Everything from Foundation to roof.
*How to measure your building in order to prepare comprehensive documentation.
*Prioritizing repair options – what MUST you do and in what order.
*Preservation techniques
*Restoration Techniques
*Adaptive Re-use

In a one day workshop we will be focused on the assessment, measuring and repair areas with brief discussions on preservation, restoration and adaptive re-use. Each of these subjects could easily command a full day to cover in more detail. This workshop will be aimed at allowing a property owner to understand the issues involved in their own structure as well as providing an educational forum for professionals to improve their understanding. Techno-babble will be held to a minimum and we will do our best to translate terms for the unfamiliar. Detailed naming and identification of the frame parts will be covered in much more depth in the June 19th workshop as the crucial tags are attached to each piece of framing.

Participants will be walking through the barn and grounds and should bring a notebook, camera (if desired) and a bag lunch. Refreshments will be provided. A donation is optional and will be split with the instructor and with local Heritage and Historical Societies. You will be required to sign an insurance waiver in order to participate in this workshop.

Advance registration is requested and will get you important details (like directions!).

The workshop leader will be Arron Sturgis of Preservation Timber Framing from Eliot, Maine.

For further information or to register, please reply to:

Or contact Andy Roeper at 603.654.9831

Other Workshops this year:

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The Great Un-Do (Deconstruction of the Barn) - 16-18 July 2004