Hi everyone
Thanks Ken for your very knowledgeable insite into hewing techniques in your neck of the woods, and also the lovely picture of a Swedish Hewer, the axe is very different--from the picture it is hard to see if there is much sweep in the handle. I would really like to take it in my hands and experience the feel and balance of that type of tool, and maybe (try) and use it

Hello to you Mark I remember the pictures that you posted awhile back, and they were great, I know from experience that however you portray an historic subject or object to the general public it is wise to really do your homework otherwise you can really get sidwinded by someone that has some knowledge on the subject. If you can feel confident that what you are doing or portraying is as correct as possible, then you can feel more at ease and maybe learn from a good exchange of information. The International plowing match is visited by many from all over the world and probably posed a formidable stumbling block that you probably encountered manytimes. I would have loved to have been with you at that time.

You are correct the trees then were quite large, and that is why I have said many times before that it was impossible to elevate even logs that could square say 12" in 60 feet, these were pretty large trees.
Please be careful hewingwith a elevated log, in my opinion the ark of the axe could continue down towards your legs or feet. Mark above I know hews with the log elevated but I believe he uses a short handle to keep control, please correct me if I am wrong Mark

Well thanks for the interesting info guys