This is my kind of thread. I am addicted to hewing and the axe in general is my favorite tool to use. I try to stay safe and traditional and hew the log low to the ground but sometimes I feel the need to change my body position and the subsequent stress by hewing at hip level with a shorter handled, lighter broad axe. I also prefer single bevel as it is like a large chisel. I am with NH as I like to make a score with a heavy standard axe , then a rough hew to about 3/4" of the score line and finish with a more accurate hew to the line. NH is totally correct about the little character "defects" that make a timber unique and beautiful. I am much slower than you guys as I do it for fun and spend a lot of time making little adjustments as I go along based on the shape of the log, at the same time I do try to get a log at least rough hewed on all four sides in the same day, which brings me to a question of mine, but I will start a new post as it is more specific and this thread is already quite lengthy. tb