Hi Will

Thanks for dropping by, and all that great information.

I am a thorough believer in good research and especially photos, and old drawings, wherever you find them. As I stated before I had to be able to prove the authenticity of every move and be able to back it up with historical materials both to my superiors, and the general public when they stopped by my site. I also was a good listener like the "wise old owl in the tree", and one can learn a great deal if one wants to. I for one have enjoyed the feedback and comments since this thread started, I am sure many more have too!.

I do believe that to arrive at the same point, one can take many different roads, and hewing timber is just one of those points.

People did things in many different ways, sometimes from necessity, but like in your case your back made you hew in an elevated position, as well you hewed in a fashion that you felt at ease with and that seemed to come naturally--good for you!!

At this time I welcome more visits and questions since things seem to be moving ahead once again on this thread.