Hi everyone once again:

this question is related to the style of broadaxes that seemed to be used in various areas.

Through my career I used my family heriloom axe which was referred to as a "North American" style broadaxe. this term as I see it is one that can be hung from both sides of the head depending on whether you are right or left handed, and that is what my research seemed to show up in books,papers and photos that I have looked at or found at the research facilities at my disposal.

Our museum's collection at UCV also backs up this research, but I am also aware that other types were used but none seemed to be present when our collection was put together in the 1950's. What I am asking here is there anyone out there that has had access to any information on just how wide spread the use of earlier styles of hewing axes was in the earlier years of colonization (the colonies) and just when they seemed to disappear and for what reason?.