Hello everyone on this thread:

I was hoping to get more response to the above queries, but manbe the topic is buried too far, but then maybe not I am going to move it forward once again in the main stream to see if anyone has any additional comments.

Many have asked me about tightening up a loose handle I personally use very thin hardwood wedges and gently insurt them in the eye from the outside end. Alittle bit of glue will hold them tight in place.

this will eventually weaken the handle, and it will be necessary to rehang the axe head with a new handle. I have a very good dvd out that explains how to hand carve a new offset handle, and explain what kind of wood to use and where to get it.

Hot dry weather will contribute to the shrinkage of the wood in the head and the problem will intensify during these periods.
Once in a while dipping the head in water for a few minutes will retighten up things , but is only a stop gap measure.

I am open to other comments, and maybe alittle discussion on handles in general