Hi Mark;

I respect your perogative to disagree about the handle's shape that you feel comfortable with, i am just commenting on my experiences over the years. I started out with my father in the bush when I was about 12 years old, and being in the 40's the handles were boughten and their curves were straighter usually due to the machines that manufactured them.

As I began my historic role in my work life I had to get back to the original lines that had evolved as far as the axe handles themselves were concerned.

It was amazing to me how much nicer they felt and how the control seemed to be more accurate. I always suspected that the curature in the old hand made handles evolved through time mostly for the good. Remember that the old timers used an axe extensively, and was devistated if the handle happened to break accidently

Nice pics and just do your own thing I believe you are all on the right path..NH