Well said--half way between that just about says it all
I have a farming background so I always think in acres, feet, inches, bushels, pecks, gallons, quarts, pints the list goes on and on, then when I was about fifty they wanted me to learn to speak french, and listen to this pay me! well in 2 years I did learn to say hello!

One thing that is great they couldn't change the old historic buildings footprints, they still come in feet and inches. The old farms are still layed out using the old survey stakes, but they are nibbling away at them with their metric whatever.., nothing quite fits though. they tried but the metric plywood just wouldnt fit the stud layout of 90% of the homes so voila we still have 4 by 8 sheets of plywood around, 8foot studs, and the list goes on.

By the way we still have the new 4foot round balers, It does get confusing for me HUMMM--cubic centimeters,hmmm---millimeters now lets see---------the 1 inch manila rope--oh yes we went head great strides got rid of the 1 and 2 dollar bills that fit so neaty into our pocket book now we got looneys and toonies that make our pockets bulge out, and our wives purses weigh a ton or is it a tonne well who knows....

hope I didnt confuse anyone with my canadian talk it is a great country, beside another great country.