My old timer sawyer likes pine when he can get it. Keeps it all to himself. I think the wood that is bought for construction in my area is all doug fir. Rots very fast. Sawyer says that pine is also his favorite wood to cut. Stays true.

He did give me a stack of Tamarack that he had cut for someone 15 years ago. Guy never came to pick it up. The stickers were rotten but the boards were for the most part like new, just brittle. So we took it to our place and restacked it. So I think that speaks for itself. Just not much Tamarack in this area unless it was planted by conservation minded folks. See alot of that this way, an arce here, an acre there, dense stands of pines or tamarack that someone planted from seedlings.

Sawyer likes aspen, he calls it quake. He rough cuts it then planes it to dimension lumber. Likes it better than doug fir. We have lots of big aspen waiting to get blown over in this area so he takes it in trade.