NH, the photo with the compromised post is a good example of why not to drop the tie more than 3'. I often have clients that want 5 and 6' of drop. No, can't do it. I try to stay within 18"-30" of the top plate. One can have issues with the top plate too close to the plate as well. I have a barn dismantled and in my yard, where the tie is only 6" from the top plate and no problens, though. With out seeing the rest of the building I am guessing it is common rafters and no purlin, let alone any other roof supporting members. It is also hard to tell what other joints come into the post in the break area, due to the angle of the photo. Any rot on the exterior of the post? Thanks for the photos. I need to print out some directions and post them next to my file cabinet as well, and than use them. Tim