Hi Timbeal,

Welcome on board Zack, its been a while since we have heard from you,

Timbeal I examined a plank clad timberframe building dating to 1876 that was originally a 1 room school house, but being that it was now a home it was impossible to obtain pictures.

I was able though to get underneath it in a crwal area and see the ends of the vertical planks, as well as the supporting timbers and sills.

My department wanted to reconstruct an early school house this one turned out to be just abit too young for our site which dates to 1860, so it never went anywhere.

I was luicky enough though to run across a family near the school that had a past connection with the original trustees who had the building built at that time. When I paid them a visit Mr Wells came out from the livingroom with an original 3 page hand written document that was drawn up for the builder to work from. It is a wonderful document you could reconstruct this building exactly from the information supplied. Nothing was left out even the price at that time.

I am sure that someone will eventually want to build this type of building and I have the means to that end.

Timbeal or anyone else, if you are interested contact me directly for further discussion on this subject.