Thanks Tim:

We will give this a few days before I reveal what the exact cost was at that time. I like that .29Cents, but then again I am sure that 1 cent bought a fair amount, probably a half litre of kerosine,

Maybe a few more would like to risk a guess.

What about the pitch of the roof why do you think that particular pitch was asked for?

here is a few more information tidbits to base your guess on or to just read about--

-There were 6 windows with 12 lights each
-the floor was 2 thicknesses of g&t lumber hemlock and pine
-Planking was 2" Hemlock planks 12 feet long and all over 8" in width and each nailed with 3-- 6" wrought iron spikes.
-one roof ventilator
-Hemlock roof boarding
-roofing good sound cedar shingles #1, laid at 5" to the weather
-10 feet between floor and ceiling