Hi Timbeal

Yes the dovetails had pulled apart some, I suspected from the shrinkage of the wooden dovetails, and probably the shrinkage of the wooden chord timber. I noticed that the shoulder of the vertical posts had lifted up out of their mortises approx. 1\2", nothing really to get excited about, but there was movement.

Well as promised here is the agreed cost between the school trustees and Elias Snyder the builder.

as stated "I bind myself to build said school house according to plan, and specifications, for the sum of $450 dollars to be paid in May and the rest when the building is completed".

At the bottom of the document there was a final entry--

"received sum of $485 of the trustees lot #6 Being the full amount in full dues 1877 Dec 26"

Elias Snyder

PS I notice that he also needed a few extra months like the contractors of today usually do