Roger, thanks as well. I have a rafter book comming from Summer Beam Books and hope it shines more light. I have always used a 12 base for rafter layout. The 10th and 12th on the square have been a sore spot, I use the cheeper squares with 1/8's for general layout. I hope to find a better use for the traditional square. In some drawings of historical structures you will see a pitch in a base 12 with a rise of some odd fractioned number say 6-3/4", and I think you just explained it. Thanks

It seems I am more of a traditionalist than I thought. The builder of the school went over the time limit by a few months. That is where it comes from, it's a tradition. And I was a bit high on the quote. I have some prices of my Grandfathers boat work, where the numbers are very small in comparision to today. They almost worked for pennies a day. But the workmanship was much more. Tim