Mafell tools for sale. All maintained in good working order.

Planer 11" ZH280E (NLA) 230v 50/60hz 1ph. w extra blades. US$2950. Mafell still sells 11" blades & parts. Currently avail Maf planer is 12 5/8" for $4148 +tx
Bandsaw 12" Z3L 230v 1ph 50/60hz w extra bands. US$3500. Currently avail 12" Maf Z5E costs $4623 +tx
Circular saw 14" MKS125 (NLA) 120v 1ph 50/60hz, 2 prong plug, w rip fence, 60degree tilt. Blade sharpened 5/08. US$1900. Maf currently sells 14" MKS145Ec 120v $3023 +tx, & 220v $2880 +tx.
Guide #037037 3m/10ft total length. Two-piece HD alum, w coupler pc. Use w circ saw or band saw above, or as a straight edge guide for almost any tool. US$320. Maf sells same for $409.50 +tx
Buy two of the above tools and I will include this guide at no charge, you pay for only shipping and insurance.
Also available:
Makita Chain Mortiser 7104L w standard 18mm chain. Good working order, lightly used. US$900. Currently avail new for c. $1300.
Australian Shepherd puppies, plus 1.5 yr old "Black Diamond" see website below
I have owner's manuals plus orig purchase receipts for the tools, parts and blades etc. I bought Mafell tools new from Dennis Humbracht of Mafell North America, an excellent, knowledgeable, reliable & helpful source. I can take digit pics and email to you, you can visit here to inspect, or you can listen by phone to them running & cutting wood. I am pricing them for immediate sale at these prices. Call and email to let me know, and w Qs you may have. If you want to dicker I'll keep your name and number on a less urgent list and keep you posted.
Buyer pays for shipping (& any insurance), in addition to sale/purchase price, e.g. 40 lb bandsaw via express mail & insured for US$3500 to BC Canada costs US$156.20. Don’t know detailed costs for UPS. You can find $ for both using your and my ZIP/Postal codes. I will package/box tools for shipment incl in sale price. I can ship via US Mail or UPS.
I standardized all my 220v/230v single phase tools to have same 3 prong twist-lock plugs to match my 10ga 30'- 50' extension cords and my 220v shop outlets. I will remove plugs from tool cords unless you have matching outlets.
Also for sale: 1 or 2 ext. cords. They are HD, neoprene jacketed, flexible, all weather, 3 conductor, 10ga - w HD Hubbel brand M & F 30A. 250v. 3-prong connectors. prices TBD.

Steve Miller
Frog Hollow PO Box 99
Waccabuc NY 10597
914 763-3078

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