Hi everyone I am sorry for being away but I had business to attend to.

This photo is of 2 of my best friends and co workers, they worked together as a pair on heavy hewing projects, we had altogether 3 pairs that worked and filled in on each other's days off.

Earl and Donny could work on very hot days for 6 to 7 hours, you will notice the historical heavy clothing that they wore, unbelievable as it may seem it seemed to shelter them from the heat of the day. I wore similar clothing and I can honestly say that I seemed to be cooler than the general public approaching the work areas with their modern attire. I used to feel sorry for them with their burnt areas.

Well anyway I hope you enjoy this scene it is as accurate as one could possibly make it.

You will notice that work progressed along with two men because one could rest and interpret while the other focused his attention ot the work at hand. It is almost impossible to work and talk and keep focused on what you are doing if you are alone, it becomes very unsafe also.