Hi everyone:

further to this topic:

I beleive there are a few persons in our midst that would appreciate just what I am referring to when I am talking about these large hemlocks in the rough------

"squaring 12" at 36 feet"

I travelled this area for about 100 square miles to get my eyes on trees of the right specie, of the right size ( as best I could ascertain from ground level), and of course they had to be straight as well.

Cutting them for this project seemed to make it worth while, but I still hated to see them fall knowing full well they had escaped the saw many times to have attained their height and size.

7 hemlock trees of this size were required just for the floor structure, and then for the upper framework 9 more of the same length but slightly smaller, and then all the posts and girts that made up the framing.

Please remeber this is just a small 3 bay barn nothing really special other than of course the early age of the structure, the unusual framing details, the hand hewn braces, the wooden door hinges, and other details referred to in previous posts.

Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane