Hi everyone

To break the monotony, tonight I have a question for those that are looking in, and maybe we will learn alittle as we go along:

I would like to discuss and talk about the subject of pitch of roofs.

To start off would anyone like to suggest what the following term represents if you were asked to construct a roof containing:

a) 1\3 pitch

For the benefit of all looking in please state in your reply the inches per foot of rise, and the degree of corresponding inclination, and the length of the common rafter needed to make up the roof of a building 24 feet in width.

(The roof will have no ridge and the rafters will half lap at their peak and be pinned.)

This is a timberframed building with a heavy upper plate, that will be mortised to accept a cog on the bottom foot of the rafter, with no eve overhang.

I hope you will join in