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....the winch apparatus which was a simple vertical wooden shaft about 8 " in diameter set into a movable skid with a bottom and top wooden bearing. that vertical shaft had near the top slots to insert a long pole.......

Similar to what was described:

Windlass that we made from above picture:


I also ran across a winch in a drive-shed that was mounted above one of the bays, it consisted of just a round axle sitting in 2 wood bearings at the ends, and had small round poles that were inserted in the shaft near one end, that could be used to rotate the shaft to lift any number of different objects..

Sometimes called a "beef roll" as it was used to lift livestock for butchering:

This one had a wagon wheel on the end to use so that the pull rope went over the wheel which increased the mechanical advantage.

I just thought I'd add some pictures to show what was described....

Whatever you do, have fun doing it!