HI Jim:

Thanks for coming on line and also with the wonderful pics of both types of lifting and pulling apparatuses

Both of the types that I described were quite a bit cruder in construction especially the overhead one that I stumbled across in the Schwerdfeger driveshed, it just had hand made poles stuck in holes at the end of the shaft.

The barn moving apparatus that I described was I believe (from the photos you posted) mounted on a heavier skid. You would have really enjoyed I am sure talking to Mr. Burchell the lad who I intervied and who had made moving buildings his main source of income for many years. He got out the fiddle and we had a great time for part of an afternoon.

I wonder if you had ever ran across early historical mill windlass equipment like I described. The ones that I examined were in mills close to Staten Island and in southern New York State, and Maine.

Thanks again for posting for everyone to see