Hi everyone looking in tonight:

Just a a further note to my posting last night, we also had in our collection a lovely painting of the mill along with the steam engine shed\house and the stack in place, secured with its guy lines 2 to the peak of the mill, and 2 in opposing directions I suspect to individual mooring probably 2 deadmen strategically located for that purpose.

The mill was gutted by a fire a few years after the painting was done very likely set by an overheated bearing in the husking frame, by the way does anyone know what the husking frame is and what its purpose is in relation to the milling equipment.

There are a quite a few people stopping by the site please feel free to join in and don't be shy.

For another guessing question in relation to the mill what horsepower do you think would be needed to operate the mill, its many elevators, shellers, 3 runs of stones and the bolter.