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Husking Frame:

The Husking frame in a grist mill is a very sturdy framework of timbers that suspend and hold very true the bed stones and their runners along with the spindles and located directly underneath is the turbine or driving power.

IN our mill the 4" vertical shaft that rises from the pressure pit where the turbine is located, extends upwards for 3 stories right up to the attic area, where it is then directed horizontally using gearing meant for that purpose and which is aattached to the horizontal shafting that in turn powers all sorts of equipment.

As the 4" shaft passes through the husking frame wooden pulleys are attached to it which power each of the 3 runs of stones using 12" pure leather belting.

This husking frame is completely independant of the mill structure especially if it is has stone walls, the reason being that the vibration that is generated during the grinding process would eventually destroy the very rigid walls.

The husking frame usually stands on a foundation that is also independant of the mill wall foundation, and is usually constructed using white oak timbers

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