Hi NH & Don x 2,

As far as I know the cut nail is still in use today.

Chris how works in cooperation with Miles Lewis at Melbourne university in Australia. Miles is originally from the UK as is Chris.

Its just fine to make reference to Chris's paper - that's the whole point of doing research. What isn't right I suppose is for a person to write about something and make it appear as if they have done the research (and havn't) when really the credit lies elsewhere.

I agree your comments about the value of this forum and its rewarding to discover that sometimes what we, or people that we know, have to say is of interest to others. I sent a copy of Chris's paper to Kenneth Rower (editor of Timber Framing) - didn't even get an acknowledgement, thank you or reply - dead as a door nail !


Ken Hume

Looking back to see the way ahead !