Hi everyone looking in--

I hope that everyone is learning a little something from this exchange of very important research information especially those that will carry the torch on.

Talking about expanding one's knowledge this forum has to be one of the best available, no library can provide the exchange of ideas both historical and of a more modern nature as well as what you will find exchanged right here on this TFG chat room. A subject or muliple subjects are right here take your pick.

Take this nail thread, for many years I always felt that there was much more to the story than what I was able squeeze out from my research, and due to this medium the story of nails to me has become to a great extent more fully explained but there still are some gaps to fill in there always are.

I will admit it is coming a little late for me to put into general use but from time to time I am asked as a senior knowledgeable person to comment on as I was just lately the dating of nails in a structure that was being dismantled by a private owner.

More than ever now as I gazed on that structure I can honestly say that my reply will be as accurate as just about any one else in this area of expertise, so as I said above you are never too old to learn, and if asked to I will share openly with those that truly are in need of advice.

Thanks to all that have participated and to the TFG for providing the chat medium.

This does not mean I am closing this ongoing chat about nails I certainly am not and I am looking forward to additiional information.

I still do find it a tad bit confusing as I read through Chris's paper but as time goes along I want to study it thoroughly and try and digest all the information it contains, and I ask that others also do the same. A nice discussion of its content would I suspect broaden everyone's knowledge base, and as I sit here contemplating things wouldn't it be nice if its contents could be made available to aspiring historical restoration experts in the field of preservation technology. As well it would be very useful to those that have a close contact with interested public visitors, and supervisors of historic trades persons that need this knowledge base to perform their role properly.

I for one feel an excitement as I visit this medium every night mainly because of everyone's seemingly anxiety to share experiences with just plain interested people or hard core TFG building professionals providing the many varied approaches to this trade called "Timberframing" of yesterday, today and those that will be coming on board tomorrow and the years to follow.

Well enough said for tonight I welcome any additional thoughts on this subject