Hi everyone tonight:

Here I go again but there was an article in the local newspaper that pertains to a specific type of roof structure that is associated with one of the oldest Anglican Churches in Upper Canada-

This church now stands at Riverside Heights just a short distance from where I live near Morrisburg Ontario Canada, and was removed from its original location at the time of the St. Lawrence Seaway Cconstruction in the late 50's. It was one of only 2 churches that was relocated at that time stone by stone and moved to a higher location.

So I am throwing this term out to everyone, maybe we can put it in the TFG glossary if it warrants storing after we have kicked it around a while.

The term is a "Lynchgate Roof"

It is English in origin but it does have a special meaning.

This type of roof structure was built about 1903 by Robert M. Cox of Liverpool England for anyone that is interested in the builder's name.

Could anyone describe just what a "Lynchgate Roof" is and why such a name?