Hi everyone tonight:

Before I move away from this subject I would like to ask Don in his post above dealing with the "AP wire" that dealt with the 100,000th post. I have tried to find it but I have been unsuccessful, I would like to read the article. Is there anyway you can direct me to the article, I would sure apreciate it.

Also thanks for the nice remarks dealing with that milestone, it sure wasn't all my doing without you guys coming on board nothing would have happened --period.

I am glad that you all enjoyed the posts ,and joined in from time to time, my main object was that everyone learns alittle i really didn't expect such a loyal group.

As I look back just a few years-- helping to hosting the TTRAG when they met here in Morrisburg was real treat, right now with the economy faltering it sure is straining people's resources from what i can make out from some of your comments, and will probably hurt attendance at some of the future meetings.

Your new president is making good progress at least in my opinion I hope that he can pull off some of the things that he is hoping to do. I guess we have no choice but wait and see.

This is alittle off topic but you guys should be getting used to me by now, my son is restoring a home he owns that has a turn of the century tin ceiling in it, some sections need repair, is there anyone out there that knows of a supplier?

thanks in advance